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Mosaic tiles are our signature product. Available in many different combinations of many different colours, materials, and patterns. Suitable as either flooring or wall cladding. It is perfect to give your property a rustic and chic look.

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Loose Stone

Our collection of stone products also extends to the most basic form. Handpicked one-by-one by our artisans, then sorted the natural stones each based on its colours and sizes. Just choose which one is going to fill your garden.

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Sink & Bathtub

Show off your passion for design by using our handcrafted stone sinks and bathtubs. Enjoy our wide selection of sinks in various sizes, combined with natural stone durability.

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Get the most out of your design ideas by using our unique decor products. Wide selection of decor products in various sizes and colors will take it to the next level.

About Us

Rudy Art - A leader in Indonesian natural stone supplier
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Enjoy one of the toughest material you can use for your home.
All with style.

Rudy Art is a family owned business based in Bali, Indonesia.
We are dedicated to offer our customers the best quality products for their home decorating needs.

Our products expand from stone mosaics to sinks. We fulfill our customers' demands by gathering natural resources from all over Indonesian Archipelago, including but not limited to: Timor, Bali, Lombok, and Flores.

As we source our products directly from its natural source, combined with strict supervision we will always put priority on the quality of each product, while still offering the best price on the market.

As our ultimate gesture for meeting our customers' demands, we always accept custom requests based on your product requirements. Feel free to browse our product line and should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling the contact form below.

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